Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stronger Nutrition Launches Axis Labs

Natural bodybuilders like to rely on organic food sources to supply the lion’s share of the potassium needed, but there will be times when you cannot consume enough bananas, legumes, vegetables and dairy products to counteract the loss of electrolytes during exercise. In addition to the foregoing, not only will proper potassium supplementation help your body to balance fluid and electrolyte levels, but you will also decrease your risk of suffering from a heart attack by lowering your blood pressure.

Citing the groundbreaking Framingham Heart Study, the American Heart Association quotes Luc Djouss√©, M.D., M.P.H., D.Sc, whose own study showcases that “magnesium and potassium intake was associated with lower blood pressure, but calcium was not,” thereby directly linking the lowering of blood pressure to an increase in the body’s potassium levels.

While Axis Labs Potassium Caps is only one source of the fluid and electrolyte regulating substance with the favorable blood pressure side effect, the Stronger Nutrition website also offers other potassium formulations that will appeal to the natural bodybuilder. Twin Laboratories’ Liqui-K provides a similar formulation as the company’ caps, yet in liquid form, which many athletes prefer for the fact that it is absorbed quicker and much more completely than the cap form. The Vitalabs brand potassium adds kelp gluconate which supplies iodine as well as potassium gluconate and elemental potassium. Maintaining a detailed journal of Thermonex supplementation will help you to get to know whether one formulation is working for your better than another.

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